First Chinese organizer to acquire show outside China

China GIE Exhibition Co. Ltd (GIE), organizer of China Int’l Pet Show (CIPS, announces today it has agreed to acquire 50% of the “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety Show” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” from the Thailand based organizer IMPACT, in line with GIE’s development strategies in pet industry exhibitions. The deal was supported by Singapore based MICE investment consultancy firm Expos Asia Pte Ltd. (

Apr 27, 2018

China GIE Exhibition Co. Ltd (GIE), organizer of China Int’l Pet Show (CIPS, announces today it has agreed to acquire 50% of the “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety Show” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” from the Thailand based organizer IMPACT, in line with GIE’s development strategies in pet industry exhibitions. The deal was supported by Singapore based MICE investment consultancy firm Expos Asia Pte Ltd. (

Milestone for Chinese Exhibition Industry

GIE is particularly proud for the first asset deal of a Chinese organizer outside of China. Mrs. Yang Cheng, GIE President, said “We would like to promote the industry further development in potential increasing area with our resources and network.”

GIE is following the One-road-belt strategy and is eager to expand its international pet show network beyond ASEAN and Chinese borders. The acquisition of “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” is a first milestone for GIE to become more active in the pet exhibition market. Together with China Int’l Pet Show (CIPS, Sep.27-30 2018) and the shows in Thailand, GIE is now the leader of pet exhibitions in Asia Pacific Region.

Importance for China and Thailand

The acquisition of “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” is not only important for GIE and IMPACT but most important for the exhibition industries in China and Thailand. For China it’s the first investment of an organizer outside the borders of China along the one-road-belt and for Thailand the first welcome of a Chinese organizer to the Indo-Chinese subcontinent. The newly formed Joint Venture between GIE and IMPACT will bring both countries closer together and improve the industries in both countries. Particularly ornamental fish breeders from Thailand are eager to explore China and Chinese pet manufacturers have now an access to the ASEAN market with more then 500 million consumers.

IMPACT welcomes Chinese organizer

One of Thailand’s largest exhibition organizer and venue owner IMPACT is also particularly happy with this acquisition. The General Manger, Mr. Loy Joon How said “We are excited with our collaborations with GIE to further develop and grow the Thailand  Int’l Pet Variety and the Thailand Int’l Dog shows to be key regional shows that support the growth of the regional pet and dog care markets and industry.”

After a long period of international organizer mainly from Europe, USA and India, IMPACT is very proud to host the first Chinese organizer. It’s also the first time that IMPACT sold some of their existing assets and shows to a Chinese organizer.

Newly formed partnership will address all needs for the B2B and B2C pet market in ASEAN

“Thailand Int’l Dog Show” welcomed in 2017 more than 200,000 persons, 20,000 dogs

“Thailand Int’l Pet Variety” welcomed in 2017 more than 200,000 persons, including pets.

Together both shows are now larger then any other competitor in the ASEAN region and Bangkok becomes a hub for the trade of pet products and accessories. Thailand is a popular destinations for dogs and cats lovers but also for exotic pets and aquarium fish.

The upcoming editions are

“Thailand Int’l Dog Show”, Date : 5-8 July 2018, Website:

“Thailand Int’l Pet Variety”, Date: 4-7 October 2018, Website:

About GIE & CIPS

China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (GIE) is an international exhibition company ratified by the Ministry of Commerce of the P. R. China, established in Nov., 1995, with the qualification of holding economic and trade, exhibitions both in China and overseas. The business scope of GIE includes organization of exhibitions in China, organization of Chinese enterprises to exhibit or to inspect abroad, management of large-sized conferences, design, construction as well as decoration for exhibition projects.

Regarding the initiation of self-owned brand exhibition as her core business, GIE has organized or managed quite a number of self-organized exhibitions in China, China Int’l Pet Show (CIPS), Hortiflorexpo IPM, World Dairy Expo China, China World Fruit & Vegetable Trade Fair (China FVF), Int’l Pot Plant & Garden Expo (IPGEXPO), Petday China, Asia-Pacific Aquiculture Expo, etc.

Over the past two decades, GIE has organized Chinese enterprises to participate in international exhibitions in over 30 countries and areas in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

GIE offers packaged service including design and on-site construction for exhibition projects. GIE is also capable of undertaking project construction business for international exhibitions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. Our warehouses in China, Nürnberg and Dusseldorf in Germany, Las Vegas and Orlando in USA have guaranteed on-time services for the customers.

With the purpose of “Inviting foreign enterprises to China, Organizing Chinese enterprises to go abroad”, guided by the principle of “High Quality and Efficiency for Co-Development”, and with the spirit of “Sincerity, Gratitude, High-Efficiency, Win-Win”, GIE will continue to build up a bridge between your entity and the market

About CIPS

With 22 years of development, China International Pet Show (CIPS) has become the largest pet and aquarium supplies show in Asia-Pacific region. CIPS 2018 is expected to have 1500 exhibitors in 120,000 sqm show space, pooling together pets and aquarium manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. CIPS is counted as the most efficient platform for both domestic trade and International trade.

Date: September 27-30, 2018

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

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CIPS website:


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